Order cake rules

Some cake types for order are decorated with sugar paste (mastic). Mastic, could be stored for a long period of time, so it is possible to keep such statuettes as decorations. Sugar paste is very sweet. Coating with mastic is removed very ofen and eat dessert without it. We recommend to do so – mastic – it is a decoration but not tasteful sweets.

To make cakes colorful and bright, we use food colorings. In some cases, when bright colors are used, tongue could change its color. Food colorings are safe, but such products should be consumed carefully by children under 3 years and allergy-proned people, and nursing mothers.

Wood sticks and special confectionary wires are used sometimes to tight decorations and form bouquetes.

You should pre-pay 300 hrn to confirm an order. Pre-payment can be transferred to Privat-bank account, be paid on-line with credit card, or be given directly during discussion about complicated order. Order will not be processed without pre-payment.

Full amount is paid after cake delivery. A cake may vary by weight from ordered by you 20% maximum. Each cake — it is individual exclusive work. So overall amount may be greater or less than estimated weight, but not more than 20%.